Unlimited Workflow Automation

Automate Workflows in Jira: automate Jira issues to reduce repetitive admin work.

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Jira automation to reduce repetitive admin work

Stop endless repetitive Jira administration. Build almost infinite combinations of automation rules to bring more consistency to your Jira instance.

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Build triggers to start automation for Jira

Build broad or very specific conditions for launching your automation. Build custom if/else/then logic to get the exact trigger for your use case.

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Automate Jira workflows with this plugin

Build action steps for specific conditions. Take one or multiple actions to replace ongoing Jira administrative tasks.

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Full Privacy & Support

We don't transmit your data externally and are fully compliant with Atlassian privacy & security policies. Our developers will be glad to help you with any issue. We don't leave any tickets behind.

  • Easy to setup in a few minutes o Automatically syncs repos in real-time
  • Large repo support
  • View Git in context with Jira to understand development status
  • Real-time sync of commits
  • View and Create in Jira:
    - Branches
    - Pull requests
    - Tags
  • See all commit details in Jira, including source code diffs
  • Smart Commands in Git Commits:
    - Link to Jira Issue IDs
    - Record time log
    - Assign
    - Transition Jira issues
  • Supports popular cloud git apps:
    - GitHub
    - GitHub Enterprise
    - GitLab
    - GitLab Enterprise
    - Bitbucket
    - Gitea
    - AWS Code Commit
    - Microsoft Azure
    - Private self-hosted

Take Bitbucket and Jira to the next level with our integration

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