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Security & Trust

We have been building Atlassian apps for more than 10 years. Over 3,000 companies have trusted Bitband to increase productivity and improve their workflows.



  • Practice of code reviews and other best practice software methods
  • Atlassian and Bugbounty security monitoring
  • Technical training for security
  • MFA for core environments
  • Activity Auditing


Bug Bounty Program

The Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program was created by Atlassian to ensure the standards of quality and security of the apps. The Bitband Bugcrowd Bug Bounty program started in 2021. All submissions are reviewed by the Bugcrowd Application Security Engineering (ASE) team, and then addressed by the Bitband operations + development teams. Bitband is committed to meeting all the standards provided by Atlassian.


Cloud Data Residency

We started to invest in supporting our customers who prefer to host their data in the European Union. As of June 2022, Bitband currently hosts Jira Cloud customer data in two regions:

  • US
  • EU (Beta)


Data Management

  • We use in-transit data protection by encrypting all data that is communicated from our servers to the customer
  • We are able to recover data for customers in certain situations in the case of a failure or data loss
  • All data is hosted only inside our AWS environment
  • We use logical isolation to segregate customers data from others


Compliance and Privacy

  • Access to production systems limited to a few highly trained staff on the Bitband team

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