Jira Automation Unlimited

The Jira Automation Unlimited app is designed to simplify a Jira administrator and Jira users day to day tasks to let them work more productively and do less repetitive work.


This version is called 'Unlimited' because there is practically an unlimited number of combinations and possibilities for simplifying and automating your work in Jira.


We'll be regularly adding new capabilities, allowing you to automate within Jira and using external tools. 

You can find this app on the Atlassian Marketplace here.

Automate repetitive Jira administration

Stop endless repetitive Jira administration. Build almost infinite combinations of automation rules to bring more consistancy to your Jira instance.

Build triggers to start automation

Build broad or very specific conditions for launching your automation. Build custom if/else/then logic to get the exact trigger for your use case.

Fine tune specific action to be taken

Build action steps for specific conditions. Take one or multiple actions to replace on-going Jira administrative tasks.

Trusted by enterprise companies around the world, Bitband has over 10 years of experience building integrations and other cloud services.

This app automates repetitive Jira tasks and helps simplify your workflow.

Users of this app will be able to do the following.

  • Setup a trigger for when new issues are created

  • Create conditions such as compare field values, with conditions such as conditions like equal, not equal, etc, and enter a value or no conditions

  • Create Actions such as creating a new issue or editing an existing one.

  • Works with Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core

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