Embed Jenkins in Jira and get build details. Improve your DevOps workflows and collaboration with this Jenkins Jira Integration.

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Embed Jenkins jobs in Jira issues with this plugin

Get job ID, job name, duration, and status inside your Jira issue and share these details with your team, so they can stay on top of your Jenkins workflows.

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Connect Jira and Jenkins easily

You can s setup his app in just five minutes. Try it for free. SImply get the app and then enter your Jenkins username and password, and you can start using it.

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Jira-Jenkins Connector: Monitor DevOps workflows

It’s very easy to get your Jenkins jobs available to the right members of your team. Don’t miss any details from your DevOps workflows.

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Full Privacy & Support

We don't transmit your data externally and are fully compliant with Atlassian privacy & security policies. Our developers will be glad to help you with any issue. We don't leave any tickets behind.

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  • Our app contains the following features for your software team:
    1) Easily connect your Jenkins Jobs
    2) Simple Embed Jenkins builds in Jira just by adding URL
    3) You will get job ID, job name, duration, and status in your Jira issue.
  • Always innovating by delivering new features

Take Jenkins and Jira
to the Next Level
with our integration

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