Git-Jira App

The Jira Git Integration is designed to show a developers git commits within Jira for more efficient project management and tracking. It is designed to allow a project manager to quickly and easily see what work is done in and by whom on any Jira issue.


The app searches your Git repository and indexes commit comments to Jira issues. This app supports connections to GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repositories.  

You can find this app on the Atlassian Marketplace here.

Gain visibility into your development team

Every commit is now at your fingertips inside Jira. Stay in the loop with your development team on every issue. Even review code right inside Jira.

Jira Git plugin with Full Privacy

Stay in control of your commit data. We don't transmit your data externally and are fully compliant with Atlassian’s privacy and security policies

Amazing Support for this Git Jira integration

We provide timely support directly from the core development team only. We don't leave tickets hanging until they collect enough votes. Every issue gets rapid resolution.

Trusted by enterprise companies around the world, Bitband has over 10 years of experience building integrations and other cloud services.

This integration is packed with advanced features, including:

  • Instantly connect to Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket to automatically sync your repos, branches and commits

  • Add any Jira issue id to a commit and those commit details will instantly be visible inside Jira

  • See all commit details inside Jira, including source code diffs

  • At the project level and for each issue you’ll see a summary of all commits, number of lines added and deleted, files that have been updated, users that have submitted work, date/time work was committed, first commit, last commit, and much more.

  • Works with Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core

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